These Chrome Extensions Will Declutter Your Overflowing Gmail Inbox


Oversized finger not included

Oversized finger not included
Screenshot: Sortd

Gmail dumps your never-ending emails onto a never-ending list, and its spartan interface can make cleaning your messy inbox feel overwhelming.

A Chrome extension called Sortd fixes that. It transforms your inbox into a drag-and-drop workspace where your unread messages live on one end and columns of lists live on the other. You can customize the columns however you like. For example, you can create one column for emails you need to respond to right away and another for messages that can wait until the end of the week.

Once you have your board configured, it’s easy to move incoming emails to the appropriate list and attend to them as needed instead of sifting through your inbox message by message. The visual overview provides a better perspective of which emails can wait and which are time-sensitive.

Sortd also brings a host of handy task-management tools to your Gmail, including a day planner that lets you schedule your emails and notes their due dates. At the top of the inbox, it even displays the number of emails that are due that day and during the following week. You can also attach personal notes to emails and refer to them while you’re composing your response.

Sortd is free for basic features, but if you want access to advanced features like email tracking and the ability to create unlimited lists, you’ll have to cough up a $6 monthly fee.

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