Five Clever Ways to Store and Display an Eyewear Collection

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I should not admit this, but I’m going to admit this: I, personally, have way too many pairs of sunglasses. The problem is that I love and wear them all and I have no intention of reducing my collection. I do, however need to admit that some organization is in order (Clean Person, tidy thyself!) and so, to serve my personal needs as well as, one hopes, your needs too, I went in search of eyewear storage and organizing options. Here’s what I found!

A Lidded Storage Box


A lidded storage box is an elegant solution for displaying eyewear while also protecting the lenses from environmental detritus like dust that can lead to scratching. This style has 8 compartments, that can also be used to hold watches and other accessories, but if you need more space for your eyewear collection, there’s also a 12-compartment option available.

Basic In-Drawer Storage

Not all eyewear collections are display-worthy, so if you’re looking for storage that allows you to tuck your sunglasses out of sight, these basic storage boxes are a great option. Each plastic storage bin has 5 individual slots for storing eyewear, which helps to prevent scratching by corralling each pair in its own little cubby. The boxes are stackable, so if you have more than five pairs of glasses you can double or triple up.

A Hanging Organizer


If drawer or surface space is at a premium in your home, a hanging eyewear organizer can help keep your collection organized without taking up precious storage. This fabric organizer, which is similar to those old faithful hanging pocketed shoe bags, has 25 slots for stashing eye- and sunglasses. The felt organizer comes in gray, brown, blue, and hot pink.

A Boutique-Worthy Display


This sunglasses display case can be used in two different ways: It has a flip-top lid that snaps in place to protect eyewear from dust and other debris. But the lid has a second use! It can be folded back underneath the case and snapped in place to create a stand, which allows sun- or eyeglasses to be displayed vertically in the organizer’s 18 lined compartments.

A Stand With a Smaller Footprint

If you like the idea of a retail-style display, but space is at a premium, a tree-style stand with a small base that utilizes more vertical than surface space is the ticket. This 5-pair vertical glasses holder comes in two styles, acrylic (pink, blue or clear) or metal and wood (white or brown).


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