Get Dymo’s Super Exciting Handheld Label Maker For Its Lowest Price In Over a Year

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Dymo Label Maker Sale | Amazon

There may not be stiff competition for most baller office equipment—and the fax machine sure isn’t winning it anytime soon—but if there were, obviously label makers would win. They’re cool. Having a dedicated printer for your labels printers is like having a sedia gestatoria to carry around your pope. How luxurious, how absolutely regal do labels have to be to get their own special printer?


And none are cooler than this handheld Dymo label maker, currently just $20. That’s cheaper than we’ve seen it in over a year. If you’re feeling fancier, today’s Dymo label sale has plenty more models, including this standalone Dymo label printer for $50, 10 shipping label rolls for $90, and even heat shrink tube labels for $19.


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