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As much as we all love Keanu Reeves, Bill & Ted doesn’t work without a Bill. Fortunately, Alex Winter is just as stoked as Reeves to be returning to the role that made him famous — as long as it’s done right. Speaking to IndieWire in 2018 (back when Face the Music was still more of a dream than a reality) Winter said, “We’ve been pretty philosophical about it, like if we could get it made, great, but if it’s not going to get made to our creative specifications, we’re all perfectly happy not doing it.”

Fortunately, Winter seems to agree with the consensus that Face the Music is indeed the film the original creative team wanted to make, saying that it’s a “sweet, enduring, and legitimately funny movie.” Face the Music will be Winter’s first major starring role in more than 25 years, after he walked away from acting to pursue his passion for documentary filmmaking, and to give himself space to heal from the trauma of his childhood. In recent years, Winter has made several documentary films focusing on technology, including Downloaded and Deep Web, and says that making documentaries is “the most creatively gratified I’ve ever been.”

Still, Winter was excited to take a short hiatus from documentaries to step back into Bill’s high top sneakers and inexplicable crop top (okay, probably not the crop top). “I really just need to turn that entire side of my brain off,” Winter said before filming started, “and be the dumbass that Bill is for three months.”


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