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The spooky time of the year — perfect for a horror film binge — is here and so is Stephen Susco’s 2018 film Unfriended: Dark Web Watch. The sequel to 2014’s Unfriended will air on Sony PIX on October 30 at 10.30pm. The film, following a group of friends who find a laptop that has access to the dark web, stars Colin Woodell, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Betty Gabriel, Connor Del Rio, Andrew Lees, Stephanie Nogueras, and Savira Windyani. The Telegraph dialled Betty in the US for an exclusive chat:

The way the movie has been shot seems pretty interesting, like how the scenes were shot as Skype Hangout sessions. How was it shooting like that?

It was pretty interesting and a self-conscious effort because we could actually see ourselves as the camera was mounted on a laptop. We could see ourselves on each other’s screens. So, once you got over that initial subconsciousness, then it was cool.

Did working on this movie make you amp up your cyber security?

I didn’t because I was too lazy. I feel like the technology, meant to evolve us, is shedding even more light on how it does horrible things. For me that’s never going to change. I guess in my personal life I don’t really have that fear. But maybe I should, I don’t know (laughs).

How did you prepare yourself for this role of Nari Jemisin?

I did a lot of research on the dark web and how you access it. I also watched the first movie. Nari works with women who have hard circumstances and that’s close to my heart because I definitely am involved in charities that help people. So, the horror is very real.

You’ve also worked in Get Out and The Purge: Election Year. Is horror your favourite genre?

Well, I think Blumhouse (Productions) has become a big fan of mine which is pretty great and I like working with them. They produce a lot of my films. But perhaps the real reason is, maybe I have a lot of darkness in me, um… dark stories. I’m very open to exploring that genre of light-hearted films.

Do you actually like watching horror films?

I don’t know if I like it but I really admire and respect it more than I’ve had in the past because I’ve been a part of it and that’s quite challenging. I mean you really have to create sheer terror out of thin air and that is heightened, quite literally life and death and a lot of bluff (laughs). My favourite is, can I say Get Out?

Did life change after you did Get Out?

Oh yes, most certainly. I saw a lot of more recognition of me. It’s definitely done wonderful things to my career, that level of exposure was pretty great.

Your film Human Capital recently received a very good response at the Toronto International Film Festival…

It’s been a really great film. It was pretty sophisticated. It looks so good and it was shot in a very brief time. It has Marisa (Tomei), Peter (Sarsgaard), Maya (Hawke) and myself. It can be tricky to go from one story to another. The world can be hard to restart. You’re asking a lot of the audience to engage in another perspective.

You play Ronnie Manning in Human Capital. What can you tell us about your character?

She is a stepmom, she’s a therapist. She also pregnant. She’s somewhat of a moral compass for the film, she is using the goodness of humanity and not all about the monetary ways.

What are you working on next?

I’m not sure if I can say that out loud but I have a few things in the works.

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