These Inexpensive MicroUSB/USB-C Cables Charge Nearly Everything Not Made By Apple

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Cable Matters 2-Pack 2-in-1 USB-C Cable | $8 | Amazon | Promo code 15XWFPGL

MicroUSB is the cockroach of the tech world: it’ll never truly die. Even now, as we round the corner into a new decade, a depressing number of electronics still use the archaic plug instead of a modern USB-C connector.


So what can you, the average consumer, do to make this frustratingly slow transition suck a little bit less? Buy two of these 2-in-1 cables for under $8, that’s what. The Cable Matters microUSB cables include USB-C tips on the end that you can attach when needed, and while they won’t support USB-C PD fast charging, they’ll let you charge just about every device not made by Apple.


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