SGS Servers Compromised In a Data Leak; Customers in Jeopardy!

SGS Servers Compromised In a Data Leak; Customers in Jeopardy!

Firms including MG Motors, Shell India and Daimler India commercial
vehicles got in jeopardy as the servers of SGS Group got compromised.

The private data saved on those servers was up for sale for a mere
amount of $10,000 on ‘Dark Web’ or on the private internet forums.
Per sources, the data includes quality reports of the few very prominent
oil and gas firms and truck manufacturers.
The firm in question mentioned that the leak’s been plugged, the
anomalies have also been corrected and all the possible measures have been
taken. Also the clients have been informed.
The firm’s Korean division which contains over 6,000 reports and French
division were also under attack outing thousands of user data and test reports
of its clients.
SGS servers are probably going to have quite a financial impact for its
clients and customers.
“The SGS company servers have laid bare legitimate reports and it’s bound
to have serious implications as hackers have all the access to the kind of
files on the DarkWeb”, said J Prasanna, CEO, Cyber Security and Privacy
Foundation Pte Ltd, Singapore.
According to him the situation clearly points to the actual storage
devices being compromised.
The concerned firms were questioned about the damage to which Shell
replied that they are strongly focused on ensuring high standards for its

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