These Are Our Readers’ Favorite Cat Brushes

Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Cat lovers, your recommendations were all great, but now it’s time to pick out which cat brush gets the Cat Headbutt of Approval.

Check out our readers’ favorite brushes for fluffy felines, and vote for which toy you think deserves to be #1. Feel free to leave more cat photos in the comments. I want everyone to become a cat person after reading this. Sorry not sorry to that one Jalopnik reader.

The FURminator 

The FURminator. /thread – cerenkoveffect 

YES, except get it off eBay where it is $12-$15 (and not a knock off), instead of $40+ at the pet store. – PumpkinSpies


Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush 

The Furminator actually cuts your cat’s hair – I noticed some chunks out of my cat’s super fluffy coat, hence have since stopped using it. Recommend something like “Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush” – I have two cats (long and medium hair) and these kind of bristles work best for their undercoat. – Yvonne Jin

Here to second the Hertzko. It’s a lot cheaper than the Furminator, works well, and you just press a button to drop the fur into the trash. Perfect! I do have a Furminator for the undercoat, but for regular brushing, the Hertzko is spot on.- ThatCaty 


Oster ShedMonster

Claw shaped brushes, like this Oster ShedMonster work really well for long haired cats with a dense undercoat. I use it alongside a more traditional wire brush (which is enough for my short haired cats) because it does such a nice job getting those undercoat hairs that will inevitably turn into hairballs if I don’t brush her regularly. Plus, it’s very very easy to clean out, so you don’t have to stop brushing to clean the fur out, you just clean it out every few strokes as you go. – silentstone7


Andis Power DeShedder

I cannot explain why it is so much cheaper than similar items.

I cannot explain why they want you to put AA batteries in it so it vibrates.

All I know is, this thing works better than Furminator, better than any brush I’ve ever tried. I’ve had three of these over the years (I lose things a lot) and have used them on 2 longhairs and 5 shorthairs. This thing gets the undercoat, and even the dandruff. If I still worked in a vet’s office it’s what I’d recommend to clients. – Lucy O’Gara



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