Beware: Malware Hidden Inside Online School Textbooks?

Security experts have
warned to be aware of malware disguised as online version of textbooks.
Thousands of textbooks were found to be affected by this technique.

This scam basically
works on the weaknesses of online shoppers and people who like to look for
everything online. In order to cut the cost people try to download/purchase
them online.
Over 3,50,000 attacks via
this scamming technique have already been registered. Potentially unwanted
files are also disguised as ready-made essays and textbooks.
Per sources, over 2000
of these disguised books were of English, around 1200 of them were of
Mathematics and more than 850 books were of literature.
The books were a cover
up for various threat actors ranging from not-so-serious adware or “unrequested
software” to highly severe malware.
Students looking for cheap
or even free textbooks for their university or schools create avenues for
cybercriminals happen to be their main target.
This is a serious issue
because if by any chance this or any other severe threat actor gets
administered via these disguised books into a school’s network, a lot of people
would get compromised.
The students and the
school for that matter should be cyber-aware and make sure they don’t download any
unauthenticated file from any illegitimate source just because it’s free.
Download anti-virus
software, sit tight on security, steer clear of unknown email IDs and try not
to dwell so much on online means.

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