We Bring You TikTok’s Weirdest Videos ‘Created’ by Egyptians – SCOOP EMPIRE

TikTok has proved this year that no one knows anything about Egypt’s deep web. Those cute little memes of random people you share – believing that’s what the deep web looks like – are nothing but a joke when it comes to the land of TikTok.

The lip-sync app that was primarily meant for hidden talents and short lip-syncs has become a riddle that we will never be able to solve. The platform already has its own influencers, wannabe models, fashionistas and divas. It saddens me to announce that I am addicted to it, and the worse the videos, the more happy tears fall on my cheeks every morning.

Yet the questions remain. Who are those people? Does anyone think that those videos are funny? How many minutes do they waste coming up with content? Who is their Hadia Ghaleb? Why can’t I stop watching? Are you judging me right now?

Here are the weirdest videos I’ve come across this week, compiled by the phenomenal TikTok Police Facebook page:

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