Sunday’s Best Deals: Nest Security System, BeatsX Headphones, Egyptian Cotton Sheets, and More

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A Kindle sale, LEGO Marvel set, Rubbermaid containers, and an Anker soundbar lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

If your router doesn’t include enough ethernet ports for your liking, this 5-port gigabit switch from NETGEAR is a cheap and easy way to solve that, and $12 (after clipping the $3 coupon) is the best price we’ve ever seen.


Want lower latency for Fortnite? More reliable 4K Netflix streaming? A better-performing Plex server? Ethernet is the only way to go.

While AirPods offer the most seamless headphone experience for iPhone owners, BeatsX are probably a close second, and you can get a pair for an all-time low $70 today on Woot.

From Gizmodo:

“The Beats X are the third product from Beats (and the fourth from all of Apple) to use the new W1 Bluetooth chipset. This Apple-designed chipset should allow for better battery life. It also makes pairing with an Apple device a total snap—as long as your iPhone runs iOS 10.1 or higher. All I had to do to pair was turn the Beats X and bring them near my phone. A ‘Connect’ button instantly popped up and I was off—music ready to be heard wirelessly.”

Anker makes a sound bar now, which…yeah, that makes sense. It’s 35″ and features two integrated subwoofers for 2.1 channel audio inside a single box. And naturally, it’ll also work as a gigantic Bluetooth speaker, when it isn’t pumping audio out of your TV.


Normally priced at $80 (or $100 last year), it’s marked down to an all-time low $58 right now, when you clip the coupon on the page.

Twelve South’s HiRise is the most attractive smartphone stand you can buy, and according to The Verge, a pretty great Nintendo Switch dock to boot. It normally sells for $40, but the black, silver and white models are marked down to just $30 right now. We’ve seen it as low as $20, albeit very briefly, but otherwise, this is a very good deal.


Just remember, next week the new iPhones will probably get announced. So, yeah. Get ready for that with this deal.

Today’s Best Home Deals

You love Lodge’s cast iron skillets, but have you tried their dutch oven? It’s only $32 on Amazon today, the best price in over a year. And while it’s an excellent dutch oven, its coolest feature is actually its lid. Just flip it over, and you’ve got yourself an extra cast iron skillet. That’s two great pieces of cookware for the price of one.

Nest threw out all of the old assumptions about home security systems, and built something pretty great with the new Nest Secure, and you can save $140 on the usual price of the starter bundle today at Woot.

$250 gets you the Nest Guard (the big keypad thing that doubles as a motion detector), a couple of Nest Tags that can disarm it instantly, and two Nest Detects which can monitor entire rooms for motion, and also detect when windows or doors open.


Gizmodo’s review has more details about how all of these pieces fit together, and there are more add-ons that you can purchase a la carte to fit your home’s needs.

Pack up your leftovers with this Rubbermaid leak-proof storage containers. These leakproof containers are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. And they’re just $20 for a set of 9 (or 18 if you count the lids.) These are a major step up from those cheap plastic Ziplocs that you have in cupboard.

For those who don’t need a gooseneck kettle for pourover coffee, and aren’t willing to spring for the ultimate tea maker, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp is one of the best (and best looking) electric kettles around. It’s down to $51 on Amazon right now, which is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on a non-refurb. Just be sure to grab yours before this deal boils dry.

Today’s Gold Box is lowering the price on Egyptian cotton sheets in a ton of colors and multiple sizes. These particular sheets are 600 thread count, 100% cotton and come with two pillow cases, a flat and fitted sheets. Prices start at a low $52.


Just remember, this is a Gold Box deal which means these prices will only last until the end of the day, or until sold out. So don’t sleep on this deals.

Update: This ends today.

Here’s a deal you can get comfortable with: sofa-in-a-box purveyors at Burrow at offering up to $600 in savings on their easy-to-assemble seats, pillows, and throws for Labor Day— the more you spend, the more you save (as these things usually go). Here’s how it works:

  • $50 off $500+ with LDW50
  • $150 off $1,100+ with LDW150
  • $250 off $1,500+ with LDW250
  • $350 off $1,800+ with LDW350
  • $450 off $2,100+ with LDW450
  • $600 off $2,600+ with LDW600

If you need a small-ish purchase to reach a higher tier of the sale, check out Burrow’s brand new Sleep Kit, which turns their couch into a bed that couch crashers will actually want to sleep on. Or, you could just upgrade your couch of choice to leather. To each their own.

If you need to sit down for a minute and take that in, we get it. Just don’t take too long; this offer is only valid through September 9.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Moose Backpack | Kickstarter

Nearly two years after Moose Designs showed off its totally unique workstation bag, the company is back with a new, improved, and larger version that can be worn as a backpack, carried as a briefcase, or slung over your shoulder as a messenger bag.

Made from a water-resistant, slash-proof material, the Moose Backpack includes the same office-in-a-bag side panels that, to my knowledge, haven’t really been replicated by other bag manufacturers since the original Moose. Inside though, you obviously have a lot more space for things like camera gear (you can add $29 to your pledge for camera bag insert), clothes, charging accessories, or small things like pens and pencils that you can keep in water-resistant, removable compartments that attach to the inside with Velcro.


Today is the last day to get the Super Earlybird price of $169. It’s not a cheap bag, but again, there’s nothing else quite like it, and if you do a lot of work in public places like coffee shops or airports, it could scratch just the right itch.

This is a cheap, good hiking hat. You’ll look goofy, but you’ll be protected. And you don’t care what other people think about the way you dress on a hike right? I mean, unless you’re wearing heels. Then, yeah. Feel bad.

Protect your car, or BBQ, from the elements with these discounted canopies and carports. Prices start at $55 for your standard canopy, and go all the way up to a $200 enclosed lawn and garden walk-in.


Just remember, this is a Gold Box deal. Which means the discounts on these canopies and carports will only last until the end of the day, or at least until Amazon’s limit is reached. So act fast.

Today’s Best Media Deals

It’s Sunday which means Amazon’s running a sale on Kindle eBooks. This time around, you get to pick from over a dozen digital copies of New York Times bestsellers including Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America, The Night Tiger: A Novel, and more with prices starting at $1. I’ve included a few notable titles below, but go to the main page to see all of the options.

How do you do, fellow kids? If you’ve never had Prime Student before because you were a broke college kid, you’re in luck. Thanks to an offer from Sprint, new Amazon Prime Student customers can get their first six months for free.


In order to sign up for Prime Student, you need an active school email address and will need to enter an expected graduation year. When signing up, you will need to select which plan you’d like after your free six-month trial. You can either select a monthly plan, which is $6.49 a month or pay a lump sum of $59 for an annual plan, which is less than $5 a month.

With Prime Student, you’ll get free two-day shipping on all Prime-eligible orders, Prime movies and TV shows, music streaming, photo storage, and more. Additionally, Prime Student members are able to get Amazon Music Unlimited for $1 a month.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

LEGO Super Heroes Thanos: Ultimate Battle | $49 | Amazon and Walmart
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Hey! Holy cow! Do you remember when the Avengers were in space? And Spider-Man got all dusty? Well, you might remember but Spider-Man won’t. (Cue nerd tears.)


In this awesome LEGO set, you can rebuild the Battle on Titan, which, coincidentally, doesn’t have Spider-Man. Instead, you get the The Benatar space ship, Iron Man, Gamora, Star Lord, and Thanos.

If you like South Park, you should absolutely pick up The Fractured But Whole, especially when you can get it for $22 on the Nintendo Switch. This is the lowest we’ve seen this game, and cheaper than if you go the digital route and on Amazon.

Civilization VI is probably best enjoyed on a PC, or even a large iPad, but if the Switch is your gaming device of choice, you can grab its Civ port for $30 today, down from $60. Just place your order before Gandhi nukes the deal.

20 Super Nintendo games are now on the Nintendo Switch for free with your Nintendo Switch Online membership. And if you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can get a year’s worth of Nintendo Switch Online for free.

SNES Games Available
Screenshot: Kotaku

Until September 24, Twitch Prime subscribers can get up to a year of Nintendo Switch Online benefits, including online play and access to classic NES games and SNES games. Membership will also give you the ability to purchase the $30 retro SNES controllers.

If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can sign up for Twitch Prime for free.

Here’s how it works: You can claim the 3-months membership offer now by linking your Twitch and Nintendo accounts, then come back to claim the 9-month individual membership 60 days later, once it unlocks. Just set a calendar appointment! And if you’re already an individual Nintendo Switch online member (no family memberships, sorry), this deal just extends your renewal date for free.






Deals You May Have Missed

Razer’s latest, and greatest gaming keyboard, the Huntsman Elite is down to its lowest price ever. Gizmodo says:

If you’re a gamer though this is a no brainer… This keyboard is really damn nice to type and game on and it will pair well with all the high-end hardware out there intended for gamers.

This is $30 off its regular price, so pwn all of the noobs with this sick keyboard.

This reader-favorite Bluetooth earbuds are down to a low $22 right now. These super affordable headphones offer seven-hour battery life, multiple fitting options, and are IPX7 water resistant, which means it’ll survive your rainy day work outs and the occasional splash.

Any competitive gamer worth her salt considers three main things when shopping for a monitor: refresh rate, response time, and price. This $142 Dell S2419HGF delivers on all three.


This 24-inch LED monitor offers a 144Hz refresh rate and fast 1ms response time thanks to its 1080p (1920 x 1080) TN panel.

Sure the bezel is a bit thick for 2019 standards and I’d personally want a couple more inches but if you’re on a budget, this one is hard to pass it up.

ThermoWorks ThermoPop 2-Pack | $54 | ThermoWorks

If you order 2 or more ThermoPops, you can get each one for $25 each. So it’s a minimum $54 (that’s $4 for shipping) order. If you have a grilling buddy or want to keep track of multiple chunks of meat (I mean, what a pro,) this is a really good price on what is already one of the best deals in grilling.

Attention burgeoning woodworkers, the Kreg R3 Master System With SK04 Pocket Hole Screw Starter Kit is down to a low $63. Our deal researcher Corey says it’s “one of the few things I’ve bought in the past few years that has completely changed the way I work with wood.”


Inside this set, you’ll find: KREG jig R3 pocket Hole system with KREG SK04 pocket-hole screw starter kit and KREG Classic 2″ Face Clamp.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ packs more features than you’d ever think was possible in such a small dongle. You get 4K, HDR, advanced Wi-Fi, a voice remote, basically anything else you could want in a larger streaming box. Amazon and Walmart have it for just $49 today, which is a match for the lowest price we’ve seen this year, or about $10 less than usual.

I don’t remember a single thing from high school math class, but I vividly remember the horrified look on my mom’s face when my freshman year school supplies list mandated that I purchase a TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator, which normally retails at over $100. Hence why you don’t need to be some kind of math whiz to understand that $88 for said calculator is a great deal (you know, relatively speaking, but we all know these things should cost $10 max).


Head over to Walmart, and pick one up for less now, just in time for that school supplies shopping rush.

Got yourself a Switch Lite preordered? A new phone or tablet? A GoPro? Samsung’s U3-rated microSD cards are some of the fastest you can buy, and the 128GB model has never been cheaper than it is right now. I’ve had this exact card in my Switch for about 18 months now, and it’s been great.

There is nothing better than getting home after a long day and turning yourself into a human burrito in your favorite blanket. Well, now, you can literally become a burrito (that probably shouldn’t be eaten). You can get the CASOFU Burrito Blanket for $19 when you clip 15% off coupon. The 60″ blanket is $19, while the 71″ blanket is $22.

Sadly, the summer is fading away fast. And while we’re excited to enjoy some cooler temps, that also means the sun is going to leave us earlier every day. If you need some extra light outside of your home, for night-time hangouts or added security, you’re in luck. You can get a 4-pack of LITOM Waterproof Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights for $16 when you use promo code VPZOWS6G.

If your child is the kind of picky eater who doesn’t like different foods to touch, send them to school with this Bentgo Lunch Box, now $26 when you clip the $2 off coupon. The box, available in three fun colors, contains five compartments portioned specifically for tots, and it’s leaf-proof, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. Chances are, they’ll eat at least one of the things you pack, right?

Fall is right around the corner, but do you know what else is? A clump of your dog’s fur on the floor. If your fur baby hasn’t finished shedding their summer coat quite yet, it is time to step in and help. Right now, you can get an assortment of FURminator grooming products on sale. The Furminator Curry Comb is only $4, while a large Furminator Finishing Comb is just $2.

And if you wind up buying a few FURminator tools, you can add the shampoo to your cart for $3.

There’s an old joke that NASA spent millions developing a pen that could write in space, and the Russians used a pencil. Whatever, it was totally worth it. Amazon’s selling the official Fisher space pen for just $7 right now, the best price Amazon’s ever listed. Now, you too can write in zero gravity, in sub-zero temperatures, or even under water.

The only thing better than wandering through the boho fantasy land that is Anthropologie IRL, is getting sucked into one of their sales online. Right now, everything in the sale section at Anthro, from unique apparel and accessories to creatively designed homewares, is an extra 20% off. To top it off, there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this deal; just add to cart, and the discount will be automatically applied. Oh, and by the way, there are currently over 2,300 items under Anthropologie’s sale section. Happy browsing!

It’s a T3 hair dryer blowout at Sephora today. Right now, you can save big on two high-quality dryers: the T3 Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair Dryer, down to $179, and the T3 Cura Luxe Professional Ionic Hair Dryer with Auto Pause Sensor, on sale for $229. And while that’s still a pretty hefty amount to spend on a styling tool, blow out aficionados will find that these T3s are worth it.


Both are powered by T3 Digital IonAir technology, which basically means less time drying and less heat damage, resulting in a frizz-free, super shiny style. The Cura model features three heat settings and dual speed settings, along with a lock-in cool shot button, while the Cura Luxe five heat settings, plus an Auto Pause Sensor that stops airflow automatically when the handle is released. So, in summary, it’s a deal on a pair of hot dryers you shouldn’t blow off.

A new season is certainly something to celebrate, and Express is using the arrival of autumn as an excuse to take up to 50% off their entire site. But like these final weeks of summer, this sale won’t last forever, so snag the styles you want—everything from dresses, shirts, suits, pants, jeans, and accessories—now.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to shop for your own clothes, The Menlo Club will send you a couple of surprise products from Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic each month, in your size, for $60. And for a limited time, you can get $35 off your first order, plus a free bonus pair of shoes and socks.


When you sign up for a new subscription, you’ll provide Menlo Club with the styles that you like (Casual, Classic, Forward, or a mix), plus all of your shoe, pant, and shirt sizes, so you can be sure that everything will fit. If something doesn’t fit when it arrives, size exchanges are free, as is shipping.

You can cancel whenever you want, and for a limited time, you can get your first box for just $25, plus a bonus pair or shoes, and a bonus pair of socks. Shoes, socks, and more clothes for $25! Just use promo code DeeMenloTB at checkout to get the offer.

Hori’s D-Pad Switch controller isn’t without its compromises—notably, it only works in handheld mode—but for some games, there’s simply no substitute for a good D-pad.


It’s been priced at $25 for the most part since it came out last year, but today, Amazon’s marked both the Zelda and Mario-themed controllers down to $20 and $15, respectively.

One of the most anticipated ports heading to the Nintendo Switch is Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and right now, you can save $8 if you pre-order. With Studio Ghibli art style, this JRPG truly is special.


For what it’s worth, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier called the game “whimsical, charming, beautiful, fascinating, smart, pleasant, challenging, slow-paced, grand, surreal, and aggressively colorful.” (Read the rest of the review here.)

Hello, it’s me, the resident Funko expert for Kinja Deals and The Inventory. You may remember last week we told you that the Funko Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar is $40 on preorder? If Marvel isn’t your thing, that’s okay, what about Harry Potter? Surely everyone loves magic. If you’re a muggle that’s into gaming, we’ve got Fornite for you.


Right now, you can preorder the Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar for $39, and the Funko Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar and Fornite Advent Calendar for $40. The Harry Potter and Marvel calendars are expected to ship on or around September 13 and Fornite will release around October 1. Get ‘em now before they jack up the prices for the holidays.

If you never got around to reading the playscript for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, now is your chance. You can finally learn about what goes on in Harry Potter’s life those 19+ years later. Snag a paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two for $5 on Amazon.

If you don’t have any intention of leasing your wrist real estate to a smart watch, Nordstrom Rack’s running a big deal on great-looking Tissot watches for men and women through Saturday. Several models are available for under $200, and if you’re a basketball fan, there are quite a few (tasteful) team-branded options available here as well.

Look, we don’t want to admit that summer is over any more than you do, but it is time to face the fact that fall is almost here. You can console yourself by saving money on a good deal. Right now, you can snag a bunch of Transitional Closeout Henleys from Jachs for only $17 each. These soft henleys are nice to wear when the temperature starts to dip and also work great for layering when it gets even cooler out.

The Dremel you bought that one time probably came with a handful of attachments and accessories, but you can add 295 more of them to your toolbox for just $21 today. This accessory kit includes sanders, polishers, cutters, and everything else you need for most rotary tool tasks, all in a nice carrying case.

Do people have trouble finding your house? Do your packages constantly get delivered to the wrong address? The problem could simply be that your house number is hard to read from the street, and this solar-powered LED house number sign can fix that.


Currently priced at $38, you can get it for just $23 right now with promo code PVZUIM7S. You just have to hope that it gets delivered to the right address.

Anker makes non-rechargeable alkaline batteries now, which is deeply weird for a company that made its name with rechargeable USB battery packs.


But…24 AAAs for $6 or 24 AAs for $8 are both terrific deals. Just be sure to clip the coupon (35% for the former, 23% for the latter) on the product page to get the discount, which stacks on top of the already-discounted prices.

Just when you thought you had car chargers pegged, Anker went out and made the smartest one you’ve ever seen.


Similar to the Nonda Zus, the Roav by Anker SmartCharge Spectrum connects to your phone over Bluetooth while you drive. When you turn the car off and the Bluetooth connection breaks, the Roav app will mark down your parking location on a map, so you can find your way back.

Perhaps more usefully, every time you start your car, the SmartCharge will also log the health of your car battery, so you can track its charge over time from your phone, and get a replacement ready before you get stranded in your office parking garage on a Friday evening.


Those features alone (along with Quick Charge 3.0 charging) would make this worth $14 (with promo code ROAVBB44 and the $2 coupon), but it does have one last trick up its sleeve: A customizable accent light. The LED ring around the USB ports can display 16,000 different colors, and you can choose your favorite from the app to make it perfectly match (or stand out from) your car’s own dashboard lighting.

Summer camp season is over, but that just means that you can buy Taylor Stitch’s popular Camp Shorts on sale, and enjoy them next year. Combining the cotton of everyday around-town shorts with the ripstop fabric of technical shorts, they’re built to take a little bit of a beating outdoors, while still looking good enough to wear to a bar after a long hike.


They normally cost $88 per pair, but Huckberry’s blowing them out for $61, while supplies last.

It is that dreaded time of year. Mosquitoes are out to ruin your life. If you’ve got that sweet blood that they seem to love so much, you’re going to want to grab a Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller while it is on sale. You can keep it outside on your deck or patio for 15 feet of protection, or bring it with you on a camping trip. Three colors are about $6 off right now.

I know it’s after Labor Day, but sunglasses can come in handy year-round, and blue light-blocking glasses can really be used all year long. Today at Nectar, if you buy any two glasses (be they sun-blocking or blue light-blocking), you can get any third pair for free with promo code KINJAFREE. They all cost $45, so just add any three to your cart, and use the code to get everything for $90, with free shipping.

Nectar’s sunglasses are all polarized, and their blue light glasses come with anti-reflective coating included. Best of all, if you ever scratch or break them, Nectar offers a lifetime $20 replacement program, no questions asked.

If you’re thinking of going outside anytime soon, this Eddie Bauer sale will serve you well. The outdoor retailer is taking up to 50% off select fall styles for men and women—plus, 30% off the rest of your purchase. Not to mention, their entire clearance section is an extra 50% off with promo code SUNBEAM. So stock up on all the gear and apparel you need for the rest season (or future seasons) before these hot deals cool down.

Nordstrom only runs a few big sales per year, so you should definitely set aside a few minutes (or hours) to browse the Summer Sale, which is going on now through September 8. Over 13,000 women’s and over 5,000 men’s styles and accessories from your favorite brands are included, so be sure to make use of the sorting options in the side bar to narrow things down. Every order also includes free shipping and free returns.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your iced coffee as fall approaches, you don’t have to. You can get a Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle. It keeps drinks like water, iced coffee, and more cold for 24 hours. And when you do start drinking hot coffee again, it’ll keep it warm for 12 hours. Right now, you can get this for over $10 off on Amazon.

Is Kraft macaroni and cheese the best mac and cheese? Not at all. But it is extremely convenient to cook and you kind of want to eat it as soon as you see it. You can get a box of 18 single-serve pouches for $5 when you choose and clip the 15% off coupon. Happy cheesin’!

Your sponges are probably damp and maybe a little gross; don’t just leave them lying around. Instead, store them in this kitchen sink caddy, which costs just $4 when you clip the 20% off coupon. There’s a suction cup on the bottom, so it won’t go anywhere, and it should fit nicely in the corner of any sink.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from anxiety, or having trouble sleeping because you’re suffering from anxiety, Sunday Scaries CBD products could help. Jolie Kerr shared her thoughts on them for The Inventory, and now, our readers can save an extra 25% on the already-discounted CBD Flight with promo code FLIGHT25, the best deal we’ve ever seen.

Note: You’ll have to scroll down the page a bit to find the CBD Flight bundle.

The Flight includes a bottle of the standard gummies, a bottle of vegan gummies, and a bottle of stronger CBD tincture for $83 when you combine the promo code with the monthly plan discount (which you can cancel at any time). Buying those three products separately would cost you $158.

Humble is back with a scary good deal. You can fight the undead when you pick up this Humble Spooky Bundle full of horror games including INSIDE, Darkwood, Beholder 2, Butcher, Pacify, The Town of Light, and Agony.


As usual, you can pledge as much or as little money as you want (as long as it’s at least $1) to get $98 worth of stuff. If you want access to INSIDE, you’ll need to pledge $10 or more. You can choose where your money goes to between the publishers and a charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund.

Back in March, Private Internet Access (our readers’ favorite VPN service) raised its prices for the first time ever. And while our readers can still get an exclusive 3-years for $99 plan, they just lowered their other plans back to their old prices for a limited time.

The reason this is a big deal is that you can renew your membership as many times as you want at whatever price you originally paid. Once the prices go back to normal, you’ll still be locked into the lower rate.

Here are the new (old) promotional prices, along with what you’d normally pay:

  • 1 month: $6.95 (down from $9.99)
  • 1 year: $39.95 (down from $71.88)

Clearly, the annual plan is the sweet spot here if you don’t want to commit to the three-year plan, but $6.95/month for 10 simultaneous connections, clients for just about every conceivable device, and servers in 32 countries (foreign Netflix, anyone?). We aren’t sure when the prices will go back up, so you probably want to lock in your account ASAP.

It’s back! One of Butcher Box’s most popular welcome offers is hitting the griddle once again, and new customers can get two pounds of free ground beef added to every box for the life of their membership. That’s like eight free burgers every month, or a bunch of tacos, or a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Just don’t forget the spicy ketchup.

Your bonus beef come bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxes, which are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.


Note: You’ll have to enter your email at the beginning of the process. I know, it’s annoying.

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of great wines from around the world, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store.


Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with six bottles of wine for just $40 with free shipping, and every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. But if you use this link when you sign up, you’ll get FREE shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month. At the very least, you should send Mom the trial box for less than $7 per bottle. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

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