Google Is Supplying Private Data to Advertisers?

A big time accusation on Google is allegedly in the wind
that it’s surreptitiously using secret web pages to give away data to
Per sources and the evidence provided it’s being said that
maybe Google is dealing in data without paying much attention to data protective
The matter is under investigation and is a serious matter of
research. Apparently the sensitive data includes race, political and health
inclinations of its users.
Reportedly, the secret web pages were discovered by the chief
policy officer of a web browser and they’d also found that Google had tagged
them with identifying trackers.
Allegedly, using that very tracker, Google apparently feeds
data to advertisers. This is possible an attempt at predicting browsing behavior.
According to sources, Google is doing all it can to
cooperate with the investigations. The Google representative also said that
they don’t transact with ad bidders without users’ consent.
Reportedly, Google has mentioned previously that it shall
not “share encrypted cookie IDs in bid requests with buyers in its authorized
buyers marketplace”.

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