How to See if Police Are Using Ring Doorbells to Monitor Your Neighborhood

Image: Amazon

Earlier this month we learned that Amazon was talking to law enforcement agencies about potentially giving them access to the video stream from the doorbells both as a way to help make decisions about how to deploy emergency personnel as well as to potentially create “crime news” posts for Amazon’s neighborhood watch app, Neighbors.

This week, Amazon posted a blog post about its work with law enforcement agencies, specifically detailing the 405 different law enforcement agencies that currently work with the company on the Neighbors Portal.


The named law enforcement agencies might be involved as far as viewing and commenting on public posts, or they might submit a request for a video recording taken by someone’s Ring doorbell of an incident.

Along with that post, it also posted a map of all the law enforcement agencies involved. You can see a screenshot of it below, and zoom in and out on an interactive map here.


In general, it’s a good idea to just know this is happening where you live.

You can get a more detailed explanation of how law enforcement might be using the app here.


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