Rewatch the Most Popular YouTube Videos From Exactly a Decade Ago Using This Site

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I’m a sucker for those “On This Day” reminders from social media sites. Without fail, I’m delighted when Facebook resurfaces a picture I posted a decade ago of friends, and I like it when Instagram reminds me of a picture I posted a few years prior.

That said, I was also pretty excited to discover YouTube Decade this week, a site that resurfaces the most viewed videos exactly 10 years ago today.


On August 31, 2009, for instance, people were really interested in a video on how to tell if silver is real posted by Pawn Stars and were rocking out to Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina’s jam ‘Stereo Love’ which I’m fairly confident I had never heard until this morning when I was researching this post.

Videos are broken down by category on the site, and only the top video is shown for each category. Options include Music, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, Sports, Gaming, and Pets & Animals.


Screenshot: YouTube Decade

If you hate today’s selections you an also move back in time to look at what was popular 10 years and some change ago. You can’t; however, move forward in time and look at what was popular 10 years ago tomorrow or next week. Spoiler proof!


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