Epstein Accuser’s Suit: 3 Girls Made Available to Him Daily

(Newser) – We’ve heard from Jennifer Araoz before, just not quite like this. The 32-year-old went public with her accusations against Jeffrey Epstein in July. But on Wednesday she filed suit against his estate and four alleged accomplices—and she’s out with an opinion piece in the New York Times detailing her claims. Titled “I Was Raped by Jeffrey Epstein When I Was 15,” Araoz begins at the beginning: entering Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion for the first time as a 14-year-old in 2001 and spotting all his security cameras. “They were hard to miss. Inside the front door, he had small TVs playing the footage in real time. … The message was clear: I was in the house of someone important and I was being watched.” More:

  • She repeats what she shared previously: That she was approached by “one of Epstein’s recruiters” outside her performing arts high school and told Epstein could help her with her career and help her family out financially (her father had recently died). “The trap was set,” she writes.
  • “Benign” visits during which she and Epstein chatted for an hour or two and that ended with his secretary giving her $300 “supposedly to help my family” escalated. “Within about a month, he started asking me for massages and instructed me to take my top off. He said he would need to see my body if he was going to help me break into modeling. I felt uncomfortable and intimidated, but I did as he said.”

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